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AD-Venture 2000 is based in the Palm Springs area in So. California.

It is the brainchild of Entrepreneurs Ron Taber and Jim Matthews. This is not the first Venture that Taber and Matthews pioneered together, having previously owned together a Magazine, Dining Club, Newspaper and one of the largest Hospitality publishing companies in the world servicing over 1200 Hotels, Motels and Condotels. Advertising is their life. Taber has over 22 years of Network Marketing background and Matthews has 25 years of Direct Sales experience. Both Taber and Matthews currently own businesses that are marketed on the Internet. They have surrounded themselves with one of the best Internet designing teams that exists. Add to that about a dozen Internet Network Marketing wizards and you can see why this company is going to be a REAL PLAYER in the Internet arena. We want our members to have the BEST. An opportunity each member can offer with pride. Won't YOU join our team?

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Last Modified Monday, February 02, 1998

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