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Here at AD-Venture 2000 we are very excited about the opportunity we offer. We offer the type of program that anyone can do. There are 2,000 people a day opening a new home-based business. There are 30,000 new people a day joining the Internet. Soon an Internet address will be as common as a telephone in the homes around the world. There are millions already doing business both online and off. We offer a program that can service all of them. We are building a worldwide network of co-op advertisers that will have the best advertising opportunity on the Internet. Our sites will soon rise above all others as "THE" sites to be on for real results. Our members can advertise for FREE for LIFE. It only takes a few people in your matrix to wipe out the monthly cost for ever. How many people do you know that:

  • own a business

  • work a MLM program

  • Sell by mail order

  • Are looking for a 2nd income

BBM members can use our classifieds sites as a local bbs to sell classifieds to local customers in their communities. Web Pages, Banner ads and audio/video ads are also available.

These are just some of the reasons people will use our Ad Co-op. Everyone wants to be on the Internet. According to the Harvard Business School. If a business doesn't have an Internet address by the year 2,000 they Will Not be able to compete in even their local communities. Just look at the TV. Even the Soap Operas have a web address. Sports, movies, entertainment, etc.... Everyone is getting on the net. The Net is HOT,HOT,HOT!

Are you ready to position yourself to reap the rewards of this new and powerful media. Now is the time. Just click on the sign up page and say yes. We welcome you to our team.

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Last Modified Monday, February 02, 1998

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