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What is AD-Venture 2000?

AD-Venture 2000 is a member based advertising Co-op for Internet advertising. We offer members Web Page design and placement on search engines, a Banner ad network, Audio ads, Video ads and classified ads.

What does a member receive for joining?

  • FREE sign-up!
  • FREE Web page just like this one for recruiting.
  • E-Manual packed full of marketing strategies.
  • Wholesale/Bulk rates on all purchases.
  • Retail profits up to 1000 %
  • Monthly residual income on everyone in your Matrix.
  • 24 hour Downline report access.
  • Low $25 per month purchase requirement.

What are the advantages of AD-Venture 2000?

AD-Venture 2000 is a support program. This means it will help you in advertising the programs you are ALREADY WORKING!

Since everyone needs advertising, you will find everyone is interested in how to advertise at WHOLESALE COST and earn an income too!

You don't have to change a thing. Just refer your new recruits and existing downline to your FREE web page. They can read the information and judge for themselves. Many will want to sign up and take advantage of this opportunity. You will earn a commission off every purchase made by people in your matrix. This could be hundreds or thousands of extra dollars for you each month. You also have the option to resell our products at retail to others seeking Internet exposure. Our members receive wholesale and bulk purchase prices. What a deal! We believe there is no better support program on the Internet today. This program was created by distributors for distributors.

How do I Advertise?

As a member you are able to use your Ad Credits to purchase Web Pages, Banner Ads, Audio, Video and regular text classified ads ALL AT WHOLESALE PRICES! (See Products) These ads are placed on the official Ad-Venture 2000 member site. As the membership grows more membership sites will be created. Our marketing team makes sure our sites have the maximum exposure available on the Internet. We advertise each site on hundreds of search engines, 1,000's of links to other sites, and we place ads on hundreds of classified sites and newsgroups on the Internet. We advertise off-line in all the Network Marketing magazines and tabloids. We advertise in all e-zines we can find. So when our members use our sites they will have maximum exposure.

How do I get paid to advertise?

By referring others to your "FREE" WEB PAGE. As a member you are eligible to receive from 2 separate income streams. Since all of our products are wholesale, you can make up to 1,000 % profit on each sale. For Example: A 100 word classified ad is only $5 at member's cost. It can be retailed for as much as $60. That is over 1,000 % profit. Each new member receives a position in the Co-op matrix which is a 3 x 7 expandable company forced matrix. Members receive 1 position for each share purchased up to 4 total. A monthly residual income is paid once a month on all purchases made by members in the co-op.

How do I get people to sign-up?

When you join our membership you are given a FREE web page that you can use to promote this opportunity. People can come to your web page and sign right up. This makes it very easy to sponsor new people. Tell all your friends, family and associates. Any one who has a program to advertise or something to sell can benefit from our program. Even if they are only looking for an income opportunity, this program is an Awesome opportunity.

How do I join?

Just fill out the form information on the sign up page. Your web page will be created within seconds. You will be notified by e-mail what your URL address will be and who your sponsor and co-sponsor are. Click Here if you are ready to join.

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Last Modified Monday, February 02, 1998

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