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AD-Venture 2000 offers it's members the absolute best advertising opportunity on the Net today. Just think for a moment. How effective would your advertising be if you could advertise reaching millions of people all at once, virtually for FREE and get paid to do it. We are very excited about the potential of our Co-op Network


Co-op Member Only:

A co-op member is interested in only using the co-op for personal advertising. This type member is allowed to purchase our products at wholesale prices for personal use. Since a co-op member does not promote the co-op by sponsoring other members, a co-op members does not earn income from any of the 3 income streams. A $25 minimum purchase is required. A co-op member may change to a BBM at any time by contacting our office.

Business Building Member:

A BBM is interested in using and selling the AD-Venture 2000 opportunity. A BBM is eligible for all 3 income streams( see Compensation). A BBM is required to make a $25 monthly purchase minimum to keep the BBM status. A BBM will not be paid ANY Commissions if not qualified at the BBM Level.


Members purchase products through our co-op using what we call ad credits. An ad credit has a wholesale value of $5 per credit. A member can purchase as many ad credits as needed.



We offer web page design and search engine submission service. We specialize in Meta Tag and Keyword HTML placement.


AD-Venture 2000 offers it's own Banner Ad Network for members.


We offer ads done in Realaudio. You can tell your story instead of using regular text. It like having your own radio commercial online.


We offer ads in Realvideo. You can show how good your product or service works. It is like having your own TV commercial.


We offer our members exclusive advertising on the AD-Venture 2000 classified site. This site is highly promoted. We offer a business and private side. Use for yourself or sell to non-members. You won't find better deals. (1 ad credit buys a 100 classified text ad for 90 days.)

All your pricing information is in the E-manual you receive once you have joined. It also includes how to design ads, market by e-mailing, how to recruit faster and better, etc... it is a real asset to have in any business.

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Last Modified Monday, February 02, 1998

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