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AD-Venture 2000 offers a very lucrative compensation plan for our Business Building Members. Their are 3 different income streams that each member can receive.


Each member has the right to purchase products from the co-op at wholesale prices. These products can then be sold at the suggested retail price for immediate profits. For Example: A 100 word classified ad, running for 30 days, normally retails on the Net for $10-$60. Our member can purchase these ads in bulk for $5 per ad. This means a profit of 100% to 1200% per ad. All of the co-op's products offer a profit of at least 100%. There are millions of people online and offline that are potential clients.


Each BBM will receive a 15% Commission on each personally sponsored member's sales volume. For Example: You sponsor John. John makes $500 worth of purchases through the co-op. The first $25 of this volume goes to the co-op matrix and pays upline for 7 levels. The remaining $475 is the qualified volume for commission. You would receive 15% or $71.25 as an over-ride commission on John's sales volume. This over-ride commission is PAID DAILY once the minimum $25 volume is reached. You can sign up many new members just by using the FREE web page we set up for you. This commission is paid monthly and is separate from the co-op residual commission. Just

think if you had 20 personally sponsored members doing $500-$1,000 volume per month?

Monthly Ad Co-op Bonus

Each member will receive a monthly bonus paid on each member in their Ad Co-op Matrix that has purchased a $25 minimum qualifying order. This matrix is a 3 x 7 company forced matrix. Each level pays a bonus as follows:

Level    # of People    Bonus Paid    Total
1    3    $1.25    $3.75
2    9    $2.50    $22.50
3    27    $2.50    $67.50
4    81    $3.75    $303.75
5    243    $3.75    $??????
6    729    $3.75    $??????
7    2187    $5.00    $??????

(These figures are only an example of what would be paid if a Matrix became totally full. This is NOT to imply that any member is currently making this amount of income. The National average is 2.8 people are sponsored by an average networker. The only way a member can expect to make money is to sponsor at least 3 people. In this plan a member relies on his downline to be successful in sponsoring. Compensation is paid only on members who make a purchase each month.)

Because AD-Venture 2000 is "FREE" to join. We believe that our members will be able to accomplish the National Average in sponsoring. That is why we use a 3 X 7 Matrix. If a member sponsors more than 3 people it helps out the people in his/her downline.

The monthly Ad Co-op bonuses are paid once a month. Payment will be sent by the 10th of the following month.
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Last Modified Monday, February 02, 1998

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